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How to Report the Right Information Correctly

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Introduction of new technologies in areas of management must be incorporated to promote business innovation, being a benefit to customers. It has long been established that information is a key element in improvement of management of products and services, and without it any attempt to manage is a futile attempt, contrary to the interests of the organizations. In this regard, organizations must develop methodological efforts that respond to demands of measuring, control, monitoring and evaluation, as a preliminary step to institutionalize a new management culture. Despite the obvious shortcomings of these processes, it is necessary to say that filling this void is a technical response that allows us to verify the efforts developed in the planning area, a step that precedes the corresponding measurement and control.  It could be said that the difference between these two processes leads us to say that there is more practical planning and are more planners than people currently specializing in measurement and control processes and performance results communication. So, it becomes necessary to institutionalize new approaches that create a better way to execute plans, projects and policies for increasing the capacity for accountability.

Responding to a methodological effort of this type is determined by the correct production of management information, its degree of organization, distribution and narration that will turn that effort into an opportunity that adds value to (the) organization’s performance and strengthens its intellectual capital.

When you have this kind of situation, there is an apparent inability to take control of an organization because of a deficiency of your presentation means system. Because of this limitation, when upper management wants to control events in different areas, depends on all the leaders attending unprofitable, successive meetings as the only means of gaining anecdotal information and an approximate understanding of the magnitude and complexity of (what happens within and out of the organization) events.

According to the above, it is necessary to design, develop and institutionalize a (presentation) means system that allows users to execute management processes.  In this sense, proposed tool aims to respond to written communication as a strategy that will allow to control the diversity of events as they occur within different areas that make up an organization and outside it.


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