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Managing and Indicators System: A Key for Managers and Planners

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Organizations implement indicators systems in order to manage several types of resources and eradicate dysfunctions through better decision-making. However, many have lost sight of how to manage its indicators and information systems, in a way that strengthens its capacity to react at strategic and operational level. 


From the perspective of planning, managers agree what will be done in the short, medium, and long term, and these are expressed in a plan encompassing the aspirations of the organization over these various time horizons. A measurement plan is often missing, however, namely a document containing specifications for each indicator and guidelines governing each user’s and decision-maker’s behavior when using performance indicators, as well as the metrics that allow us to learn whether the measurement project is having the desired impact in the organizational environment over time.


Considering the above, we cover three major aspects in this book. In Chapter 1, we describe how a performance indicator is documented according to 34 specifications, which are detailed in a practical and simple way and easy to apply. In Chapter 2, we demonstrate the need to standardize measurement guidelines in order to regulate users’ and decision-makers’ conduct in the management of the indicators system. In Chapter 3, we supply 21 indicators that allow us to monitor their impacts on the organization once the measurement plan has been conceived and implemented.


Managing Your Indicators System: A Key for Managers and Planners intends to fill a void in how to manage your organization’s indicators system, thus having a positive effect on the performance of managers and planners.


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