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How to Create Performance Indicators: from Results to Management

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Books normally act as a source of information that allows us to document and respond to academic commitment. With such opportunity, as the author of this book, I have considered all who are studying, despite their academic level, as well as consultants, professional facilitators, those working in public and private sectors, and business men who are interested in effective changes. This work is more than a book in the traditional sense. Instead, it acts as a toolbox, which is to be kept at hand at your work place, providing concrete guidance. It is not a book to be kept on a shelf. It is a book to be conveniently located on your desk. It is a book for those who:


  • Need to know the methodological secrets on to set indicators that work properly.
  • Wish to define a unit of measurement in order to standardize a measurement process.
  • Create performance Indicators to close the gap under logic model and Balance Scorecard criteria.
  • Acknowledge from where to start or how to go about such task with the current indicators system.
  • Wish to create useful and sensitive to decision makers.
  • Raise a compliance setting indicators and measurement strategy from the top of the organization up to the operational level that influences over “the right thing to manage and do it rightly”.
  • Wish to eliminate any aspects that cloud plans in order to make results and management indicators more smoothly.
  • Wish to stop repetitive mistakes that in turn are reflected in poor management and accountability processes.
  • Wish to innovate an automated system of Indicators to democratize information and generate intellectual capital.
  • Need to better an existing information and indicators system.
  • Prioritize indicators that add value to organization performance in order to identify the level of importance of Key Management and Results Indicators.


This book succinctly teaches a practical method for creating External Environment, Results and Management Indicators, and can be used from the initial stages of planning through measuring a plan´s execution. It is aimed at the public and private sectors, project managers, governors and academics alike.


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