WOOCS 1.1.9

From Planning to Accountability

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The correct implementation of a strategy is one aspect that today’s organizations demand in order to maintain positive impacts in all key areas and phases of the management cycle. Even if the plan contains a number of good intentions, but some of them are not made known to demonstrate compliance, we will have less evidence for what we sought to change. Traditionally, planning is regarded as being responsible for the budget, tax, accounting, and financial issues. With regards to results, however, poor quality external environment and user satisfaction, remain a gap that organizations are not accustomed to closing. 

In the public sector, the deficiencies are greater because of problems in the justification for allocating budgets, which are then forgotten in reports and accountability to society. In other words, they have spent the money, but they have no idea whether society’s problems have been reduced or eliminated. 

In this book, I present thirteen steps that will enable us to see the whole picture of the integrated steps in the managerial cycle. It is an all-in-one approach that gives managers a wider perspective than they have traditionally had, starting with planning and moving onto accountability through an automated system of indicators.


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